Are Open Source CRM Products Better than Proprietary CRM Software?

According to the SugarCRM website, surprisingly, not even 10% of the revenues of proprietary software vendors are diverted into making better proprietary CRM software through improving their engineering. Up to 70% of the revenues actually go towards sales and marketing of the product alone. These statistics make you wonder: if you buy brand-name or proprietary software, are you really getting the best-engineered product for your needs; or are you just getting the best-marketed product instead? There is a difference between the two but sometimes only software engineers and the software manufacturers can tell the difference.

This is where SugarCRM came in  they decided to create Open Source CRM software that could be distributed via an open source license. By offering Open Source CRM this way, individual users and corporations could assess the software product on their own at no charge before contacting SugarCRM to make arrangements for commercial usage of the Open Source CRM product.

SugarCRM claims that nearly 50% of their organization is devoted to Research & Development so their Open Source CRM product has high-tech software engineering that might not be available elsewhere. The other advantage with using this Open Source CRM software is that it offers fast intuitive use of the application which can be easily learned, easily used, and easily extended.

The SugarCRM website and the Open Source CRM product are products of the Sugar Open Source Project and Community. SugarCRM aims to make better software than that offered by proprietary Silicon Valley developers.

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