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ISO/IEC 20000 Certification.


Earlier this month, EXIN and TÜV announced a new qualification scheme based on the ISO/IEC 20000 standard.  I thought it would be beneficial to take a closer look at this and see how it might benefit those in the IT Industry…


First – it will be an internationally accredited certification – recognized like that of ITIL®®.   (Granted – there is already some levels of accreditation, but this new scheme has many new levels.) Great news for us in that not only is the standard a world standard – but to have internationally recognized accreditation as an individual, as opposed to the organization being ISO/IEC 20000 certified, is an added bonus – and a transferable and employable quality.


Second – it will consist of 4 levels – the Foundation Level (1course and exam) , Professional  Level – 5 separate courses and exams (similar to the Practitioner cluster concept), and either the IT management Track (2 courses) or the IT Auditing track (2 courses).


Third – as IT specialists, we have the opportunity to champion our organizations to be ISO/IEC 20000 compliant and certified.  “Certification demonstrates that their IT service meets internationally quality standards and that they manage risks inherent in IT Service management in a safe and responsible manner” (EXIN Press release November 12 2007).


The Art of Service will be leading the education path in Australia in bringing these courses to you when they are released starting from next year.


We have already had numerous organizations enquiring and eagerly waiting for these courses.  As we say to them –as soon as we know – you will.


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