Army Enterprise Architecture: Integrating Information Systems for Complex Organizations

The Army enterprise architecture is both a decision making tool and a framework in establishing the Army s technology and innovations investments needed to support a vast network of communication and information systems.  Specifically this information architecture seeks to support seamless integration of critical systems that are crucial in its operation from foxholes to the highest levels of decision making.  The Army enterprise architecture integrates other key perspectives that are needed to further develop other systems architecture that will support strategic operation, technical capabilities, and tactical ground unit operations.  This is a complex system that needs a simplified approach to optimize the entire organization of the Army.

The importance of building set information architecture specifically for the Army s use lies in the fact that the newly acquired information technology and systems must be congruent and in accordance with the existing technologies of the Army.  In this way, the implementation of new technologies would not disrupt nor compromise the security measures in place and overall operational capabilities of the Army.  This ensures that the organization of the Army will remain solidly intact and integrated.

The Army enterprise architecture also ensures that the standards and policies related to Army communication processes can still be maintained.  It is important to maintain this standard in order to ensure seamless integration with other systems such as joint inter-operability information processes with other existing services.  This magnifies the importance of enterprise architectures because its application can also work with a highly complex albeit public institution and organization.

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