Assess your readiness through Java 2 study guide

To earn a certificate for the Sun Certified Java Programmer is to be prepared to take the exam and pass it.  But getting certified is not that easy.   A lot of preparation should be made with regard to the knowledge and competency skills that aspirants should undertake.  The books read from java programming are not enough to assure one that is ready to take the SCJP.  There are various resources that may be used to prepare for the exam.  Other than technical books are study guide books or software.

Study guide for SCJP exam on java 2 is a tool used to aid learners on how examinations are made.  It provides learners a practice of SCJP certification mock exams, practice tests, and Frequently Asked Questions (faq). Provided also on the study guide are scjp2 study material and sample code as created by a certified Sun Java Programmer.  Tips are discussed as well as detailed explanations of how the answers to the practice tests were arrived at.  In as much as SCJP exam does not only focus on technical skills, candidates should also be competent in the application of codes. Study guides allow users to perform practice exercises on coding.  Practice means having experience on hands-on exercises and not just reading codes and stuck those codes in your mind until the examination.

Study guide includes at least 250 challenging practice questions.  Assess how ready you are to take the SCJP exam through study guide materials.

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