Asset IT management service

assets of an IT company are quite different from that of a manufacturing
company. For example, in manufacturing companies, the main assets are plant and
machinery whereas in an IT company the main assets are the employees, the
business processes and the software system framework that is implemented all
across the organization. Asset IT management service refers to the initiatives
that are undertaken for improving the efficiency of all the assets as mentioned
above excluding human resource. The asset IT service management is not directly
related to the management of human resources, although it does affect the
productivity of employees indirectly. Such services cover all the related
aspects such as change management, service process re-engineering, cultural
change programs, project/program management, interim management, tool
selection, implementation and integration.


services are offered by many consultancy firms and this is why it has become
quite difficult to select a particular service provider. Every IT Company has
its own needs and requirements, which makes it even more difficult to select a
particular service provider. IT companies planning to opt for asset IT
management service first need to assess their exact requirements and then
search for a service provider that fulfills those requirements. This way, IT
companies can ensure that the planned goals and objectives are achieved within
the stipulated time and within the allocated budgets.

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