Association of Enterprise Architects: Serving as a Catalyst of Excellence

The Association of Enterprise Architects is a global organization dedicated to promote, develop, and improve the practice of enterprise architecture.  The more than 300 enterprise architect members of the organization can be found throughout the world refining the practice of enterprise architecture and dedicating their efforts to its excellent and superior implementation.

 Enterprise architecture is a corporate design that maps the existing technological and business objects infrastructure in order to align future innovations or deployment of new information systems and technology.  The design includes business processes, data and information systems, software deployment, and the IT infrastructure.  Through enterprise architecture, the corporate objectives and needs can be clearly defined.  Companies and organizations then could determine which engine to utilize in order to achieve the business objectives.  Through all these, enterprise architects play a key and vital part in the conceptualization, planning, design, and roll-out of the enterprise-wide architecture.  These professionals possess the necessary skills and expertise that could make the enterprise architecture work and serve the interests of companies.

The job of enterprise architects is not easy.  It involves complicated analysis and design competencies to make sure that the enterprise architectural deployment will seamlessly integrate with the existing and intended systems of companies.  That is why the Association of Enterprise Architects also devotes its energies in raising the theory and practice of enterprise architecture to a higher level through sponsorship of events and publications of important journals and research studies.  The Association of Enterprise Architects also hosts a website to serve as a resource of knowledge as well as a hub of enterprise architects in coordinating events, seminars, and summits. 

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