Assurance Through Disaster Recovery Testing

Disasters are hard to predict.  There are disasters that result from natural causes like
typhoons, floods, and earthquakes.  There are also man made disasters like sabotage,
terrorism, and other attacks.  Some may be intentional while others are unintentional. 
Companies have no way to get rid of it and that is why it is now a common practice to
prepare for these disasters by doing disaster recovery planning and disaster recovery
testing. Preparing for any untoward events cannot be emphasized enough because the
company’s preparation for any untoward events can mean the difference between its
survival or its downfall.  By creating a precise and efficient plan, the company can save
money and time to recover lost data.

Having a disaster recovery plan is an important step towards protection from data loss. 
However, this can only be successful if the company is also conducting a disaster
recovery testing at predefined intervals.  This is essential to a company’s computer
system because it ensures that the plan is still workable and applicable–especially in the
IT industry. Disaster recovery testing makes it easier for a company to implement disaster
recovery without even disrupting the production servers.

Most companies have data recovery procedures and guidelines implemented in their
program.  It is therefore important to also implement a data recovery testing in order for
the company be sure that everything should be running the way it should be.  Constantly
conducting data recovery testing periods will assure the company that in the event of a
disaster, data recovery procedures can be implemented without having to incur losses. 
By performing real time testing on the recovery server, everyone is assured that
everything is backed up and secured. 


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