Attention: Siebel Administrators

The dawn and demand for highly-skilled professionals have been a major undertaking of many multinational companies since they only want the crème de la crème for themselves. They need professionals who are perfectly trained and can perform well in terms of technicalities that a specific position requires.

For instance, the outright demand for Siebel Administrators of large, medium and small enterprises has created an alarm to each other’s welfare since it seems that there are only a few numbers of people who can qualify as Siebel Administrator compared to any other IT related professions.

Yes, there is also a great demand for Siebel Developer, however, the kind of demand that Siebel Administrator has also great difference when it comes to responsibilities or the job description.

To further illustrate the point, Siebel Administrator would be responsible in: first, installation of Siebel servers together with its components. Secondly, the know-how in management of Siebel servers and its elements is also needed. Third, the knowledge in handling and controlling web servers like iPlanet and IIS is necessary.

Familiarity in troubleshooting Siebel servers related concerns would be the fourth responsibility. The fifth one would be the deployment of SRF and Repositories from one environment to the others is also a part of Siebel Administrator’s responsibility. Finally, the expertise in coordinating with different teams such as web server, database, and integration teams is highly required.

Other supplementary skills which can be also helpful as Siebel Administrator is having an understanding about Unix, Linux, and shell scripting. Once you think you have the mentioned skills and can perform such responsibilities your chances of being marketable in the eyes of those multinational companies is undoubtedly high. 

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