Automation of Project Management Using Prince2 Software

Prince2 software can provide powerful support for project managers who will implement projects using the Prince2 methodologies.  The application automates tasks and processes that are required for every Prince2 projects.  The software eliminates manual designing of project structures and gives accurate information on the data needed for each stage.  Use of Prince2 software will enable project managers to initiate plans at record time without the danger of overlooking important tasks.

Functions of Prince2 applications include customizable project structures which simulates the standard manual process.  The software will prompt users about the needed documentations and processes involved in each structure.  For example, at the planning level, the software can guide the project manager in creating project briefs and rationale.  These documents are required in order to justify other tasks of the entire project.  At each step of the process, the software will ask the necessary reviews and evaluations and other documents that should be produced for that level.  This powerful feature can make the work of project managers easier.

Prince2 software is free to use but some applications, especially those with advanced features require certain fee before one can download it from the Internet.  The application can run on any platforms and can be used immediately after local installation.  Upgrades are also available to enrich the software database and to add more templates for different project scenarios.

Prince2 applications are good tools that can help project managers systematize their work.  The software is very valuable because it can actually speed up the implementation of any projects.

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