Backup Solutions for VMware

So you have finally decided to integration virtualization and have been able to set up a virtual data center in your office or work space. While you certainly have made the right move, it also involves new responsibilities which need to be fulfilled by you and your staff. One of these responsibilities is backing up your VMware. This is truly important because let us face it – if all your information becomes lost for any reason at all, your work would halt and come at a standstill! So before you panic about this very disturbing thought, take some care to back up your VMware.

In order to do this, you will need to invest in a solution called the VMware Consolidated Backup. This is a centralized back up facility which can offer you the leverage of a centralized proxy service while at the same time reducing the load on the production of VMware ESX hosts. Thanks to this consolidated backup, you can easily improve the manageability of your company while at the same time reducing costs. It enables you to have a LAN-free backup consisting of virtual machines that are all connected to a centralized proxy server. To summarize, the consolidated backup allows you to integrate the system with other existing backup tools as well as technologies which you were able to set up earlier. Additionally, it lets your perform both full as well as incremental file backups of your virtual machines. This way, you can also perform full image backup and manage such backups in a more centralized way.

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