Balanced Scorecard Makes its Way into Hospitals

Healthcare is definitely one very important social policy atop every government ‘s list. What with all the citizens expecting health care when they need it, the government must be able to devise a way to keep track of and monitor many operations of their hospitals. With so many changes and innovations happening in the world of science and medicine, coupled with the steady adaptation of technological tools and systems in hospitals all across the country, hospitals will definitely need a tool that will help them keep track of how the entire system is performing and watch out for areas which they need to improve upon.

The best way to do this, of course, is by adopting a balanced scorecard in their hospital systems. This modern management tool may be present in most businesses and commercial industries worldwide, but is now slowly making its way into nonprofit organizations and healthcare institutions seeking solutions to improve their own systems in order to provide their citizens with better services. A balanced scorecard, when applied in a hospital set up, can keep track of the comings and goings of the different areas of the hospital (ex. Neurology, orthopedic, cardiology units and more) and observe how the doctors and staff attend to their tasks, what the ratio of success versus human-made errors are and the number of people coming in with different types of unique requests that need addressing. When this information is present, hospital chiefs can identify if their staff needs additional training, or if they need new materials to address special concerns, among many other things.

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