Barriers in Knowledge Management: Human Beings, Techonology and Organization

In the world of Business, knowledge is an essential necessity to have. In this setting, it is therefore imperative to those in the line of Business to be able to maximize the use of the information given to them. Of course, this also means that security for such information is a must. To wit, the information is often synonymous with knowledge, which ultimately ends up as Knowledge Management. Now as important as this topic may be to the many Businesses, it also has many drawbacks. These drawbacks cannot be avoided, though they could be minimized. Human Beings are one of these. Being imperfect, their designs for Knowledge Management can be flawed to some extent, while lesser in some.

They make mistakes unlike the machines, which is part of technology. Technology is also a barrier. Though in this case, there exist a barrier simply because of the lack or insufficient technology, but in the future these can ultimately be remedied unlike in the case of the Human factor. Another barrier that is greatly affecting the way Knowledge Management is done is the Organization, which is a Human-designed element in the system of any group, or more likely inside a Business.

In every Business, there exist many different qualities and attributes that require different Organizations though one Business may copy the Organization of another Business, to some extent this Organization would ultimately turn out with something unique. And this uniqueness can sometimes be good or it could be for the bad. Truly, in Knowledge Management, there are many kinds of approaches, which really depend on the party concerned. Innovations in this area must be examined for the sole purpose of increasing effectiveness.

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