Basic Need to Know about the Vmware Console


One of the main functions of a Vmware virtual machine console is to connect to actual virtual machines by way of the port 902. However, some users find that this particular port may post a bit of a problem for the sites, causing some downtime and error lags, especially for those who make full use of the chat program referred to as ideafarm. Should this be your case – or someone you know – then what you can do as a seemingly simple solution is to change the exact port number which your console is currently using. This port number usually means adding a variable manually until it satisfies several certain preference files.

There are some steps you will need to take and such steps will depend on the type of server host’s operating system – including the host where the console finds itself running on and how you are matching such a change to the actual GSX Server or to the actual console itself. If you change settings, remember that the authd.port type of setting is a lot different from the authd.client.port setting. The former is a variable which allows the GSX Server to identify the port it needs to monitor and listen to in order to establish the different console connections that come from the remote hosts and the clients. The latter, on the other hand, is a variable which makes the console aware – on the client side, however – of the particular port you are trying to use to bridge a connection.

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