Be an Entry-Level IT Professional, Take the CompTIA Exam

Preparation is the key if you would like to be successful with your career, no matter which type of industry you are in. In the Information Technology industry, it may be quite difficult to keep up with the latest developments and innovations, which makes it equally tricky for hiring companies to determine the skills of a prospective employee. Thus, there is a need to develop a means to measure the technical capabilities of an IT professional. For this, the CompTIA or the Computing Technology Industry Association serves the purpose of helping companies find out whether an individual is technically knowledgeable or not. Basically, the certifications that they issue validate an individuals knowledge and expertise in a particular area in Information Technology.

An IT professional who would like to be certified can study for an take any of the following CompTIA exams: CompTIA A+; CompTIA Network+; CompTIA Server+; CompTIA RFID+; CompTIA Security+; CompTIA CTT+; CompTIA e-Biz+; CompTIA Linux+; CompTIA CDIA+; CompTIA Project+; CompTIA i-Net;  CompTIA Convergence; CompTIA DHTI and finally, the CompTIA PDI+ Certification. The CompTIA A+ Certification Program, for example, can define an IT professionals competency with a computer network systems hardware and software components.  An IT professional who passes any of the aforementioned CompTIA exams can work as an entry-level technician or any other position in the IT department of a company. As a final note, the good thing about passing the CompTIA exam is that the knowledge and expertise that you gain is not limited to being recognized by one company only  almost all of the top IT companies including Microsoft, HP, Novell, IBM and all the other members of the industry recognize CompTIA certification  so it definitely enhances your resume to make way for better career opportunities. 

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