Be prepared… use IT Service Management

In my recent research, I have discovered some interesting articles about national economic trends for 2007 and 2008. While the Australian economy is steady for the short term, there are warning signs that we could experience a downturn in 2008.
This news prompted me to research wider and I found similar views about the national economies of New Zealand and the United States of America. With this new information, I wondered how IT service management professionals could respond to this looming threat. This question prompted me to write my latest whitepaper called “Preparing for the lean times ahead” which is available in our whitepapers section of this website. The focus of this whitepaper is my opinion on how CIOs can take advantage of today’s steady economy (and therefore healthier IT budgets) to improve their ITSM processes now. Improving your ITSM processes now can assist in providing IT services for the leaner (budget) times ahead. Happy reading.

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