Becoming a MCITP Exchange Server

The world of Information and Communications Technology has been aggressively developing and progressing. The massive powers of communication to build business and futuristic development have been successfully bridged into the proper dimension.  Now, majority of businesses, conglomerates, and huge organizations are relying heavily on the strengths and powers of communications technology.  

Along this advance technology in communications is the development of the channel to promote strong conduit to attain communication and technology — the software.  As an aggressive response to this, Microsoft Company, a leader in providing software solutions, has developed a software that will connect all these technologies into one – the Microsoft Exchange Server.  

As part of standardizing the use of this software, the primary users of this software should undergo rigid learning sessions and battle an examination that will demonstrate their acquired knowledge about the session – the Microsoft Certification Information Technology for Professional:  Exchange Server.   If you have the certified skills to perform jobs using this software, you can just do related communication jobs with ease.  

In order to become a MCITP Exchange Server you will need to have full grasp on the following aspects of specialization:

a.    Skill and knowledge to install and manage the Microsoft Exchange software.
b.    Skills and knowledge to manage the security of the messaging mechanism using the Microsoft Exchange Server tool.
c.    Skills and knowledge to recover and restore messages and databases on the server using the MS Exchange Server.
d.    Skills and knowledge to track and monitor events that are happening on the system specifically the MS Exchange Server tool.

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