Becoming Certified Through TOGAF Training Course

The TOGAF Certification is used by those in the architecture service providers, tool vendors and individual enterprise architects in offering their product or services as being TOGAF conforming.

For individuals to be TOGAF Certified is to either pass the TOGAF exam or attend a TOGAF training course.  If the individual choose to attend a training course, The Open Group offers TOGAF Training Course for IT Architecture students, managers and practitioners. 

Example of a TOGAF Training Course is the TOGAF 8.1.1 Enterprise Edition.  This course is a four-day led instructor course for audiences who wish to gain license in the TOGAF market.  It is a course design for architects who consider undertaking or plan to exploit TOGAF for Enterprise Architecture Projects.  It is also for senior managers and architecture tool designers wishing to be TOGAF 8 Certified. The course consists of 23 modules and the 24th module is the examination module where student knowledge is assess upon completion of the course.  Each module has an objective at the start and a summary at the end.  Slide sets are used for animated display.  Students are provided with Study guide that serves as a companion document during the course.  TOGAF course materials are updated.  Exercises are included such as identifying stakeholder concerns for situation, gap analysis situation, building blocks case study, views and viewpoints.

To attend to a TOGAF course is for an individual to have prior knowledge in IT Architecture although it is not necessary.  It is believed that students will be familiar later on. TOGAF course aims to familiarize students with the TOGAF features and methodology.  It is expected that these methodologies will be applied in their workplace and develop the discipline on the use of the TOGAF standards.

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