Being A Helpdesk Supervisor

ll companies want to properly manage their relationships with customers to keep them
loyal to their product or service.  Whether it’s storing or gathering data, customer support
or after sales service, properly managing helpdesks is very important.  A team of CRMs
will naturally need a supervisor to properly handle them.  A good helpdesk supervisor
can assist the management in a number of ways.  He is a trainer and an administrative
officer responsible for the smooth operation of his CRM team at the same time. 

Helpdesk supervisors help in training, mentoring and coaching team members.  A good
helpdesk supervisor is able to select and train his agents and keep them updated on the
different processes and systems of customer relationship management.  A clear
understanding on the operational procedures of call centers is a requirement in every
helpdesk supervisor so he may be able to manage his team’s speed, work accuracy and
prioritization among other things.  A helpdesk supervisor is there whenever there are
questions of if his team needs assistance.  He should be available if there are difficult
cases that need to be escalated.

Of course there are goals and targets that need to be achieved in every team.  A helpdesk
supervisor will always strive to achieve the targets in terms of turn around times, quality
of service, response times and customer satisfaction.

Whatever the CRM may be, helpdesk supervisors need to be on top of things by regularly
submitting reports and keeping management informed of any developments or issues
within his team and the company.  A helpdesk supervisor should be able to evaluate and
offer feedback on good performance as well as those that need improvement.  He should
have a close professional relationship with his team in and he must be able to inspire his
team to work in an atmosphere of camaraderie and professionalism. 

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