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TOGAF is an industry standard architecture framework to develop information systems architecture within the enterprise using the TOGAF Architecture 


Organization who intends to base their IT architecture work on the open, using the standard TOGAF can now purchase tools, training, and the services of consultants based on products and services being certified to the conformance of TOGAF standards.

To become TOGAF Certified is for individuals or organizations to be issued by a certification from The Open Group, attesting to conformance with the TOGAF standards.  The certification assures customers that the product or service they procure on open has legal binding warranty of conformance, and is a lifetime product for as long as it is registered.

Individuals can be TOGAF certified either through attendance to training courses or passing the TOGAF examination.  Organizations purchase of TOGAF Tools or Training Courses can also be certified.  It is important that vendors are TOGAF certified as these licenses them to the use of the term TOGAF 7 and TOGAF 8 on their products and services.  This also provides them with The Open Group Certification Mark in their product or service as being TOGAF Certified.  Being a TOGAF certified entitles the individual or organization for membership in the Association of Open Group Enterprise Architects (AOGEA) at no cost. You can download your certificate and certified logos for use in your promotion offerings.  You are also entered in the certification registration of The Open Group.

A TOGAF Certified is being recognized as having the discipline of professionally handling the product or services based on industry standards and being commercially responsible in the supply of products in the market.  The Statement of Conformance is the warranty that customers are getting what they have paid for.  Be a TOGAF Certified and be among those registered Enterprise Architects.

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