Benefits of ECM Technology in the Application of Electronic Document Management System

Filing Cabinets are still visible in office premises however it only hold records for a certain period of time as determined by management.  Most companies have forego the use of storage area to store records and used these areas instead to a more useful room.  In this age of digital information, records can be stored electronically.

Digitizing and filing documents electronically have earned lots of benefits to organization.  Other than clearing space in filing cabinets and removing manual processes, documents are stored securely, indexed, searchable, and accessible across business, making it easier for staff to share knowledge and improve collaboration.  Workers do not have to waste time searching for information or recreating documents that already exist.
Document management system (DMS) is a computer system that is used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents.  DMS is a component of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).  Some of the benefits earned as a result of digitizing and filing documents electronically using the ECM technology are:

1. It reduces the paper handling and error on manual processes.
2. It reduces the paper storage function
3. It reduces the lost of documents.
4. It allows users to access information fast.
5. It allows users to access information online.  Information which were before available only on paper, microfilm or microfiche.
6. It has improved  control over documents and document-oriented processes
7. It streamlines the business processes.
8. Documents are secured as only authorized personnel are given access and modification.
9. It provides reliable and accurate audit trail.
10. It improves the tracking and monitoring of documents.  It allows management to identify where the  bottlenecks are and modify the system to improve efficiency

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