Benefits of MCP Networking

Once you obtained the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification, you become part of the IT professionals.  You become a member of the MCP community where you are given the opportunity to connect with other certified professionals during Microsoft-sponsored events, local user groups, or online for technical help, certification suggestions, job seeking, or comradeship.

Networking allows one to be abreast of what is happening among peers.  The MCP networking provides several benefits for its professionals such as:

1.  MCP networking allows Microsoft clients, contacts
     and employers locate you in the MCP Membership
     Directory search by name, technology focus, or location 2.  Allow professionals to log on with a password
     protected setting to the Microsoft Certification member
     site to enable access to members’ benefits, official
     transcript, logos, special offers, and more. 3.  Allows a professional to share their experiences that
     may be considered as peer support.  The sharing of
     accomplishments is a gesture of success. 4.  Allow certified professionals to receive invitations to
     networking and development opportunities as a
     Microsoft Certified Professional. 5.  A certified MCP is automatically subscribed to a
     MCP Flash, which is the MCP monthly newsletter. 
     It provides announcements of the program updates;
     training, exam, and credential availability and retirements;
     and special offers for MCPs.

As you become a certified MCP, you become part of the Microsoft community.  You become a part of an organization that cares for your professional growth.  You are formed as a team of experts in IT and you try to stretch out to the needs of your peers through your sharing of accomplishments and experiences.


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