Benefits of Project Case Studies

A project is a temporary endeavor and it has its termination. 
When things fall out as planned, management should have
ways to mange the shift.  It should not be confined with the
solutions they have thought of but should go to the extent
of acquiring information based on other organization’s
experience.  Tools or tips on how to manage a project
can be found on the shared experiences of business
organizations particularly on how projects are handled
based on situational cases.

Some of the project case studies are as follows:

1.  Project Initiation includes case studies that allow help
     in initiating projects, by defining the business case,
     feasibility study undertaking, project charter
     completion project team recruitment and the setting
     up of Project Office.

2.  Project Planning includes defining the project and
    appointing a project team.  This also includes
    creation of a suite of planning how deliverables are
    built and guide team members in carrying out activities.

3.  Project Execution it is when deliverables are built
    and presented to customers for acceptance.  The
    case studies include process that would help
    organization manage time, cost, quality, change,
   risks, issues, suppliers, customers and

4.  Project Closure involves the release of final
    deliverables to customers and hand over project
    documents to the business.  It deals with knowledge
    of how to terminate supplier contracts, release
    project resources and communicate project
    closures to stakeholders.

It is through case studies that an organization learns
on how project is managed and the challenges faced
by business organizations.  It provides tips and tricks
used to successfully deliver a project.  It is in reading
the case studies that advanced project management
knowledge and skills are gained.

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