Benefits of Software Help Desk

Customers are your number priority in the operation of
your business.  As your company received complaints and
inquiries via phone or email, these issues need to be
attended to immediately.   A company would need to find
solutions and get in touch with your customers the soonest
possible time so as not for the latter to feel dissatisfied of
your company’s service.

Software Help Desk is found to be a support solution. 
The software seeks to provide a ticket tracking system
that keeps a track or record of incidents reported by
customers to the company’s support departments.

The foregoing are the benefits that are derived by users
from the use of software help desk:

1.  Customer Benefits.  Customers are given a fully
     featured access to the support portal which allows them
     to submit their support requests, or make use of their
     search articles or frequently asked questions.  From this
     portal, customers can track the action taken by the
     company on their request and respond to them.
2.  Staff Benefit.  The software help desk allows staff to
     look over the outstanding requests that have been assigned
     to them, or to their department.  Permissions on the access
     to other departments may be limited.  Since support
     request carries a track number, staffs assignments are
      identified as to the status and priority.
3.  Management Benefit.  The software help desk provides
     a management report that covers the number of requests
     received, the department who took actions or respond
     to the support requests.  It permits real time look out
     for management as to the staff effective customer

Software help desk is the solution to keep your customer,
staff and management on top of the situation.

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