Best Practices In SOA

SOA and web services have become a popular project among business organizations
because it promises to provide a solution of integration problems and issues in the
enterprise.  SOA is not a product for the organization but a set of solutions and best
practices that provides services to the consumer.  While any form of implementation
may be a kind of SOA implementation, there is still confusion on the difference of
web services between SOA.  There are also some conflicting solutions on the best
practices to follow when it comes to its implementation.

Web services have been around ever since the web became a transaction-based
application.  And although SOA is relatively new, web services have been deemed as
part of the SOA implementation and not as SOA in itself.  The problem with SOA
today is that there are still no clear and common languages when it comes to best
practices in industry standards and vocabulary.  With this, SOA may soon end-up to
become more of a complex solution to the IT infrastructure rather and a simple,
interoperable, reusable, and upgradable process.

If you search the web, there are thousands of applications, companies and individuals
offering SOA best practices and solutions to businesses.  There are also tons of
documents on SOA best practices guide for practitioners.  They can provide valuable
information on the architectural concept of SOA and its solution as a loosely coupled,
interoperable solution to business needs.  This significant shift from the earlier
methods of procedural, object-oriented languages makes SOA a more capable method
of encompassing policies, procedures, and best practices.


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