Best Web 2.0 Awards: Providing Incentives to Improve the Internet

There are online institutions that hand out awards for the best Web 2.0 site.  These websites are carefully selected by a jury composed of technology experts.  Different websites are short listed for the best Web 2.0 awards to determine if the nominees are really Web 2.0 capable.

The best Web 2.0 awards are given annually.  The categories for the awards are numerous and highly specific that each niche website that utilizes Web 2.0 functionalities would have a fair chance of being chosen.  The best Web 2.0 site will be given a distinction badge by the award body which can be displayed prominently on their web pages. 

Web 2.0 is not a new technology.  In fact the basic architecture used on the web is also being used by Web 2.0 sites.  However, Web 2.0 adds another layer of technology to make websites more participative and highly interactive.  Essentially, Web 2.0 is the process of reorienting the Internet.  Websites now have become extremely user focused and content are primarily user generated.  Through Web 2.0 concepts and applications, the Internet has become a very vast social community cutting across all demographics. 

It is not surprising therefore to see lots of highly acclaimed online institutions to give awards to the best Web 2.0 practitioners.  The awards will serve as an incentive for webmasters to create more websites that are attuned to Web 2.0 applications.  As technology advances, more Web 2.0 applications will be developed to further improve the Internet.  And certainly, more websites can receive the best Web 2.0 awards.

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