Better Telecommunications Technology with 4G WiMAX

Today, 3G is the considered most advanced as well as widely-used generation in wireless technology. It is more advanced than the first generation or 1G and the second generation or 2G. Included to the many capabilities of 3G or third generation wireless technology are better multimedia, usability on various methods, high speed, broad bandwidth, and roaming capability. But now, this technology can be superseded by the fourth generation or 4G. This technology on wireless gadgets is just starting to make a name. The technology that can be used for 4G is the new telecommunications technology called WiMAX or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.

WiMAX is defined as a telecommunications technology used to provide wireless transmission of information in different ways which may be from simple point-to-point links to full usage of mobile cellular access.

So far, there is no standard definition of a 4G technology. Only one thing is sure and that is it is better than 3G. 4G is expected to have higher quality of video streaming and better end-to-end Internet protocol use. Due to the more advanced features carried by 4G technology, it also requires a more advanced means for communication. That can only be provided by WiMAX. If not, experts say that Wi-Fi can also be used for 4G.

With the collaboration of 4G and WiMAX, many expect that the future of telecommunication will be better than ever. 4G WiMAX will enable better computing capability for more people. It will also provide better opportunities for traditional and new telecommunications companies.

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