Blowing our own Trumpet…

Not normally something I would do (well ok I am lying…) but thought I would share some feedback that I got form participants currently doing the course I am training this week….


Talking to my participants, they started talking about why the chose The Art of Service as their ITIL® training provider.  They each said  that they did their research: –  price, content etc but mostly feedback from those who have used us before….



Not surprisingly, everyone they spoke to spoke highly of The Art of Service.  Hence their choice to come here.   Great news for us, as our reputation as a quality educator is out there.  


But of course, their opinions are just as important, and they were just as quick to reaffirm how happy they are with the content, the training, the food(always an important factor) and most importantly the service that they have received., and will be ensuring that all the other staff in their organization( both gov’t and private) come to us.


Our goal is to be “The Framework Educator of choice”.   If the feedback that we are getting is anything to go by – we are certainly achieving that goal!



De de de daaaaaahhhhhhhh…. (or however you spell a sounding trumpet!)



Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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