Book Launch on Managing Microsoft Software Testing

Software testing is technically defined as the carry out process of evaluating performance, capability, or an attribute of a system or program developed. This testing helps in determining whether the expected or required results are met. Evidently, the intricacies in testing the software depend entirely on software complexity; thus a program or software with medium complexity cannot go through a complete testing process.

Moreover, software testing aims for quality check and assurance, reliability estimation, or validation and verification. Testing also serves as a standard metric. So, when testing is performed correctly and reliably, which are actually the two major parts of the process, then the whole process can serve as changeover between quality, budget, and time.

Specifically, Microsoft Corporation had finally come up with a helpful resource book titled, “How we test software at Microsoft.” The book basically aims to help test managers or other potential end users for that matter, in carrying out and managing software testing process. It provides all the essential and necessary guidance, insights that may be required by test managers to effectively carry out Microsoft software testing, in particular. It includes a comprehensive and detailed discussion of inclusive processes and tools for software testing.

In general, the resource books can provide any tester or test manager who uses it with the professional knowledge and insights on the efficient and effective testing methodologies, techniques, and tools. The book includes descriptions on team organization, testing automation, more testing tools, and feedback or insights even, which represents best practices among various software-development organizations. Likewise, the book also adds in some significant facts, such as number of test machines use at Microsoft, bug statistics, and number of companies currently using automated test cases.

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