Boom Times for CISSP India

There is a high demand for IT professionals who have security expertise, not only in the United States, but all over the world. ISC2 records show that (as of April 11, 2007) a total of 48,598 people are now holders of the CISSP Certification in 126 countries. The US has the most number of such professionals (numbering 30,385 at present.) This means 18,213 CISSP certificate holders are currently employed in over 125 countries. A good number of these professionals are in India.

Indian technology has not lagged far behind other high technology countries. Proof is that these countries have demand for IT professional which has also risen for the past years. Indicators (such as the number of PCs, Internet subscribers, Internet users, and cable TV subscribers) show the use of IT in each country. IT industry in the country is projected to be valued at $140 billion for 2008, a far cry from March 31, 2000 when it was actually $8.6 billion. In the years 1994  1999 (for 5 years), the IT industry in India was recorded to have a 40.5% Compounded Growth Rate. This is more than double the actual growth rate in other developed countries. IT training for high end certifications has grown to 32% in 1998  1999. This has brought the country to project the IT Industry growth rate for 1999  2000 will probably reach US$8.9 Billion.

The years in the 1990s have shown incredible growth in the IT industry in India. This is the reason why great demand for CISSP certificate holders exists nowadays in the country.

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