Boston Netsim products: Network simulator support for CCNP

The Boson NetSim for CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) is a fundamental network simulator that allows a CCNP taker to go beyond the usual scope of hands-on questions or items included in CCNP laboratory exams. This product actually emulates real events happening within networks, it can emulate true networking environments and can create accurate virtual routing table.

Two versions of the Boson Netsim were developed. Firstly developed and distributed by the Cisco Systems was the Cisco CCNA Network Simulator v5.00. It is part of CCNA training materials. This version initially costs about US$150 and was offered in partial to full version. Then Boson Netsim for CCNP v6.00 came out later. Boson Netsim for CCNP v6.00 included a complete feature set providing comprehensive coverage and support of the CCNP track. The difference between CCNA and CCNP products lay on specific commands such as routing protocol BGP.

Whichever of these versions a candidate may decide to use, he/she needs to consider some systems requirements for maximum usage and benefit of the product. The candidate would need a computer with a 20-mb disk space; 64-mb RAM; screen resolution of 800 x 600; installed with Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, or XP (non-server product); and a stable internet connection.

The CCNA or CCNP Netsim product allows the candidate to either work through default labs included or individually create labs and network constructions. A Netsim product also allows the use of third-party telnet clients. This feature allows recording of an entire session. One can go and come back in to further study the work done in step by step manner.

Netsim product is highly recommended to CCNP or CCNA takers as a tool to gaining more grasp and understanding when working with various networking environments and scenarios.

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