BP Knowledge Management: The Success Story

There are many assurances that Knowledge Management is the thing for the future, which is something that is hard to dispute. In many ways, it is indeed the innovation needed by Business to explore other means of increasing the rate of their efficiency. Proper utilization of Knowledge is essential as Knowledge used in a haphazard way can result to a lesser degree of satisfaction for the Business. In the case of BP, which used Knowledge Management to measure themselves, they were able to maximize the growth of their Company.

Having said this, they were also able to develop new processes in which their Knowledge could be shared more efficiently to all persons who are necessary to its full use. These new processes are greatly important to note as each Business is unique simply because of its approach, its people, as well as the technology it has.

Organizations also play a part in this process. While in the case of BP, where they were able to maximize their growth better, new processes would simply mean new and improved ways in which they could do Business. This is their success story through the use of Knowledge Management, which clearly shows that knowledge is important and powerful enough promote new processes. Processes as experienced by BP also resulted to learning, which for its Management is an important thing that their workers should have. In this story, BP used its Knowledge more efficiently through proper Knowledge Management, which resulted not only on terms of Company growth, but also workers’ development.

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