BPM Institute: A Repository of Management Knowledge

A BPM institute is a service provider organization dedicated to the practice of business process management. These organizations are created by industry leaders in collaboration with business intellectuals and management practitioners. The principal aim of BPM institutes is to give valuable services, trainings, resource materials, and to become a venue for exchange of ideas in matters concerning the theory and practice of business process management. Every management practitioner can be a member of a BPM institute. There are some registration requirements though before one can become a full member of an institute.

Almost all business process management institutes have a website that mirrors the service they offer. One can actually get useful ideas and resources from BPM institute websites by downloading several of their white papers, discussion references, and useful articles. Anybody can also contribute their process management ideas because BPM institute websites have facilities for white papers and articles submissions. Managers and business academics can test their concepts and practices against the ideas of fellow professionals because papers submitted can be critiqued by any member of the institute. This can enrich ideas and tested practices can help other managers in their own industries.

BPM institutes are useful organizations that can certainly help managers and business professionals improve their understanding of process management. Just like forums it is a good venue to exchange experiences and ideas. But it is more beneficial than BPM forums because of the wide array of services, information, and resources that a BPM institute can offer.

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