BSC Information Systems: The Course Requirement

During the early days of computer use for businesses, only simple applications were utilized like computation of payroll and creating database of employees. However, as time progresses, computer use for businesses became more complex that it turned out to be an important system that affects the management and decision-making of the organization. This is now called the Management Information System or MIS. Due to this advantage, many companies are now looking for competitive people who can take care of the MIS. Different education institution also became interested with this demand thus many are now offering the BSC Information Systems, a course aiming to prepare students for MIS process.

In BSC Information Systems, the student will study a course focusing on people, software, data, hardware, and procedures working together in order to provide the needed information to run an organization. This course is different from Computer Science since BSC Information Systems course puts more emphasis on deployment and management of computing inside an organization. Also, the Internet technologies and marketing play a very essential part in this course.

Moreover, playing with data is an important aspect of the BSC Information Systems since these will cover most of the organization’s activities. Communication and networking are also among the major aspect for this course.

The key skills for students who want to take BSC Information Systems are knowledge on computer processes especially the Internet, ability to analyze problems based on the computer processes, and capability to implement plans to solve IT management problems. Those who have all these skills will surely be successful in MIS field. However, if the students are only knowledgeable in computer processes or only in management, then, a different course is best for them.

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