BSC: Not Just for Commercial Use, It Also Works for Other Societal Sectors

Because many organizations have gone agog with the successful results that are brought about by the use of BSCs or balanced scorecards, the concepts of such a methodology have become more refined as more and more organizations are seeking its implementations in their own systems. So many examples of how the balanced scorecard is being implemented in different sectors of the society is abound, up to the point that more than seventy percent of many global companies are now using the balanced scorecard to keep track of their company ‘s performance and make sure that they come up with the best possible outcomes. A lot of the companies come from the commercial sector, of course, especially because the use of the balanced scorecard methodology is especially related to the specific strategies of such companies that belong in this sector. Nevertheless, the usefulness of the balanced scorecard is also applied in many public or governmental sectors of society (those that are not so much concerned with proprietary information, that is) but have found great utility and value in such a methodology.

For starters, the balanced scorecard methodology has found many a home in lots of non-profit organizations. From developing schools to organizations that perform human services, the balanced scorecard is able to provide them with more details regarding their strategic planning and measures of performance. Many examples can also be found in government organizations, especially in the financial accounting service, the aviation administration logistics center, the federal procurement system of the department of energy as well as its personal property management program,in these branches of the government organization, the balanced scorecard is able to provide them with world class strategic planning tactics as well as high customer or citizen-focus.


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