Build A Better Network with VMware Host

If you are interested in knowing how to beef up your Vmware network in order to have a better virtual machine, then you are in for a good read. Keep in mind that the basic key when it comes to improving your network it to install Vmware tools as well as the Network Driver in the Operating System labeled as ‘Guest’. There are many freely available instructions regarding this procedure, but keep in mind that they are usually limited to only four ways – installing the Vmware Tools as well as Network Driver on platforms like Windows 2000 Guest, Windows NT 4.0 Guest, a Linux Guest and also on a Free BSD Guest.

When you install on the Vmware network on any of these platforms, remember that the steps involved for each of the guest operating systems will assume that you are also working on the task from a consol that is remote as well as connected to your own virtual machine. If you want to prepare the procedure, you will need to install your virtual machine in order to get the types of Vmware Tools that you need. To do this, Go to settings and then click the root file called Vmware Tools Install. Choosing this one will require the cd-rom drive to be in the virtual machine in order to use an image file in ISO format which will then contain the VMware Tools content. Using such an image that also appears on a regular compact disc that is found in the virtual machine and then placed on the server machine after installing Vmware ESX Server will be a good option to make sure that your network is up and running.


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