Business Architecture as Supported by TOGAF

The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is an enterprise architecture approach. It offers a method for planning, designing, running and managing the information architecture of the enterprise. An architectural foundation is set so that the enterprise architects will be able to view and plan the current and the future enterprise architecture of the company.

TOGAF is designed to support four architecture domains and business architecture is one of them.  Business architecture encompasses the enterprise’s business strategies, management, organizational structure and processes. The main components of which are what is commonly viewed as the areas of accountability. Business architecture defines how processes are taken up by business domains and which business functions are the responsibilities of each of them. It is important to note that the domains are separated from the current organization of the company. They are assigned to specific directors or business units after business architecture has been developed.

What business architecture actually contains are the list of business domains and the activities they are responsible for. It also includes the business functions and business concepts that these domains may require in order to be able to do the business activities assigned to them efficiently. And lastly it provides high level business processes which describe how all the business domains will fuse together in fulfilling company goals and strategies.  In short, the last component will show top and other high level management how strategies are going to be implemented in each business domain so that company goals will be met.

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