Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning For Organizations

Businesses today are faced with various risks and threats that never seem to end.  Many
organizations are already recognizing the need for a good business continuity and disaster
recovery planning process for their operations.  It is clear that they are intended to assure
everyone that business will continue to function even in the event of unforeseen
situations.  However, creating a good business continuity and disaster recovery planning
process can be a very complex and challenging project.  The maintenance of the same can
even be more challenging.

If there are proper procedures and processes during a disaster–whether it is natural or
man-made, businesses will still be able to continue its operations.  Business continuity
and disaster recovery planning helps organizations prepare for such events.  But before
any action plan can be created, it is essential that the risks and its potential impact be
assessed properly because this is where the foundations of the disaster recovery and
business continuity will be based.

Business continuity and disaster planning should contain appropriate emergency
measures for natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.  It should also
contain action plans on man-made disasters like terrorism, sabotage, power loss, etc. 
This is no menial task and will require the dedication and support of the whole
organization in order for it to be successfully implemented.

Once a proper business continuity and disaster recovery planning process has been
created, it should constantly be maintained and updated through regular testing and
auditing to ensure that it remains relevant to specific emergencies and to the needs of the

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