Business Framework: Important to Achieve Company Goals

Companies will only succeed when they gain competitive advantage over their competitors. In order gain such companies must run their business in the most optimal way.  Information, for instance, is quite an important aspect. Investment in IT should, therefore, be planned and quite structured so that they would bring the company closer to achieving their goals. It would need to establish its own business framework.

The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is one way a company can develop their business framework. TOGAF actually offers a method for planning, developing, implementing and managing enterprise information architecture.

Like any enterprise architecture approach, TOGAF provides a set of foundation architecture that will allow the enterprise architects and the whole team to view the current and future architecture of the company. TOGAF is typically taken up at four levels. It supports both the business and applications architectures. It also supports the data and technology architectures.

The business architecture will provide the company the business framework under which it is to run. Business architecture is more focused in defining the structure of each business domain instead of being more IT focused. This gives the enterprise a balance between its IT system and the business side of things. After the implementation of the business architecture, the foundation would have been laid out to complete a business framework.

With a business framework available high level management will be able to envision how the business structure will help them achieve their goals. They will be guided as to how each business domain should run so that it will be able to do its part.

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