Business Intelligence Network: Consolidating the Data Technology Market

Business intelligence network is a loose conglomeration of service providers, software developers and enablers of business intelligence technologies.  These IT companies can provide critical business intelligence applications to companies as well as maintain and support existing business intelligence infrastructure of enterprises.

Business intelligence technologies became very crucial in the 1990s.  During those times, the information and technology sector became very robust and companies needed an appropriate technology to handle the information bubble. Success of companies and whole industries depended primarily on the ability to handle voluminous information that serves as metrics in projecting growth and knowing numerous customer demands.  It was an age where customer centrism became the norm of operation for most companies in order to compete in the market.  Congruent to this development was the emergence of the need for suited technology infrastructures and applications that can store, filter, analyze, and deploy data.  A company that enabled itself with these capabilities adapted seamlessly to the changing nature of business environments and global competition.

Because of these, many technology service providers focused its services in providing business intelligence applications.  These expansive technology solutions include data warehousing, access, and analytics.  The power to handle data enabled companies to make sound business decisions.  The increasing demand for business intelligence solutions led to the conglomeration of key service providers that eventually resulted to the consolidation of business intelligence market.  This loose business intelligence network played and is still playing crucial service and support to companies that need vital data-driven applications and tools.

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