Business Intelligence Studio: A BI Developer s Best Companion

A business intelligence studio is a specific programming with specific features such as a specialized analytics services and an editor dashboard.  Specifically a business intelligence studio is a tool of BI developers that can write the design of business intelligence solutions. 

A BI studio can give flexibility in organizing files and different projects included in the business intelligence application.  An explorer type toolbar can simplify the access to these files and projects and they could be customized to include only those that are frequently used by the user.

Users of a BI studio can have the ability to edit business objects definitions which include data mining, reports generation, and accessibility to the different BI packages. The editing environment provided by the business intelligence studio can use either through a simple interface utilizing graphs or through direct manipulation of XML codes that provides definition to the business objects.  

Another excellent feature that is embedded in the business intelligence studio is the ability to do multi-window access to different information or data resources.  A programmer can edit or work using a certain function of BI studio and at the same time run and access another tool without closing the current work spaces being edited.  This allows multiple access to data which can greatly easy the development of business intelligence program.

BI studio also supports full customization of work environment based on the preferences of users.  Tools and functions as well as customized editor interface can be made to ease the write up of business intelligence solution.

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