Business Intelligence UK: Harnessing the Power of BI in Carving Niche Markets

Business intelligence is a technology solution to handle and manage data so that companies can improve their decision making processes.  Business intelligence applications and technologies have been implemented throughout the world especially in the United Kingdom. There are also BI vendors and developers that came from UK and they have continued to carve a niche of the business intelligence market for UK companies.

The increasing global popularity of business intelligence applications can be attributed to BI s ability that allows companies to systematize their information research efforts.   This ability enabled companies to discriminate between useful and garbage data so that only those that are important for their operations can be generated and used for further analysis.  BI technologies have been transformed from being a simple data warehousing solution to a comprehensive set of intelligence tools that include competitor profiles, industry and market trends, and a set of tools for choosing the several available business options.  It has become a very intelligent technology that can be used not just for strategic corporate planning but can also be useful as a tactical tool in guiding small business decisions.  This facility allowed companies to use BI solutions on a myriad of business applications such as sales tracking, market demands knowledge, and internal corporate conditions.

Business intelligence applications have also refined their deliveries of reports and have strengthened the abilities of the software in the generation of different business metrics that are important for decision makers.  These developments led many corporations to adapt BI applications as their major source and method if information gathering and analytics.

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