Business Intelligence Wiki: Merging Two Technologies to Improve Corporate Intelligence

Business intelligence wiki can be considered as a merger of two technologies in order to get maximum benefit both from the software and from the system of wiki.  A wiki allows its users to build, edit, create content, and share information on a web page.  Users need not possess HTML skills in manipulating a web page, the wiki program is designed precisely for use by a community with different levels of computing and programming skills. If a business intelligence application can be deployed on a wiki platform, it can actually harness the talent and skills of other company personnel in applying business intelligence.

The concept of business intelligence wiki has been in the market for a long time.  Companies can benefit from its application because the BI software can be deployed on the company s local Intranet and used by everyone for their specific needs.  The added feature of community built data generation, access and deliveries can significantly enhance productivity and improve the decision making skills of every employee in the company.  Wikis can link several pages of information created by the company s employees and managers.  These data can be accessed by other organizations and departments within the company therefore enhancing the data sharing experience.  It can work also as a system of community reporting and data evaluation environment, where the analytics and important presentations of business intelligence applications can be used by everyone who has access to the local Intranet.  This will certainly strengthen company business intelligence and improve productivity at all levels.

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