Business Intelligence Wikipedia: Providing Important Knowledge Resource on BI Applications

A common definition and a thorough understanding of business intelligence can be provided by Wikipedia, an online, community-built encyclopedia.  For many years now, the Wikipedia database of rich knowledge resources has benefited numerous online users, from students to management professionals.  Business intelligence information can be learned just by browsing the pages of Wikipedia.

Business intelligence has been defined loosely by Wikipedia encyclopedia as a system of technologies and tools that allows users to collect, use, process, and evaluate of data needed for the decision making function of companies.  Aside from the definition of concept, Wikipedia also explained the primary uses and functions of business intelligence technology and the different methods of its application.  The information provided by this online resource can help anyone interested in business intelligence.

Important links to other sites and other web resources related to business intelligence are provided by the online encyclopedia.  There are pages dedicated to the discussion of individual aspects of BI such as data warehousing, analytics, report generation, interactive delivery of reports, and many more.  Users who have extensive knowledge of business intelligence can add a page to the current discussion in Wikipedia.  They can also edit a page or transfer a section to a more appropriate category.  Some pages that contain factual errors can be replaced by a new article on business intelligence so that the data presented and information provided in the Wikipedia engine would be more accurate and factual.  Indeed, the Wikipedia engine certainly helped in the propagation and popularization of business intelligence concept even among non-management professionals.

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