Business Objects Web Intelligence: Offering Flexible and Remote Business Intelligence Capability

Business objects web intelligence is a hosted business intelligence service where the application can be accessed through the website of application providers.  Any query can be made using this type of web service.  Executives or managers can generate data and analytics based on the parameters that they will enter on the web interfaces.  The service then will produce a concise report with graphical representation of data as well as some business decision options that the user can take.

Business intelligence application providers developed this technology variation to give users a more flexible engine from which they can run their data and information needs.  Just a simple query can be made and the system will generate comprehensive reports and analysis.  The data can be used to make instant decisions or to guide users who are conceptualizing a business plan.  If users don t want to create a report, the system s rich database can be accessed in order to use ready made information.  Business objects web intelligence helps users make important decisions in lesser time and especially with lesser IT infrastructure requirements.  A user will only need a computer and an Internet connection to access data and generate report based on the data provided.  This development can be translated to increased performance and faster decision making.  The system can also significantly reduce the cost of building a separate IT environment for the business intelligence system.  This new technology could certainly enhance the capabilities of managers and decision makers to handle and analyze important data in order to dispense correct business decisions.

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