Business Process Management and Business Process Automation Is There a Big Difference?

Many people are confused of whether to use the term Business Process Management (BPM) or Business Process Automation (BPA) as far as business processes are concerned. These two are so similar that people tend to interchange one from the other or they might as well believe that there is no difference between these two concepts. Is there such a distinction from these two? Here is a summary of what business process experts have to say.

For BPM, it is necessary to define all the business processes running inside the organization first before there is a need to automate. Clearly identifying these key processes and analyzing whether these are aligned with business goals and objectives will urge the need to change or redefine business processes to achieve optimum results.

For BPA, there is first a need to automate the current process before business analysis should take place. By doing so, measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the automated process will deliver immediate benefits, thus creating more value to the company and its customers as well.

Though there may be a bit of variation on the context of when to automate the business process, still both perspectives are complementary with each other to some extent. This is because both have almost the same concept as far as business automation is concerned. Similarly, process improvement methodologies appear to align well on both BPM and BPA, as both terms strive to make processes more efficient and the same time, reduce if not totally eliminate, the presence of defects on any given project, which will result to a more consistent approach in doing business.

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