Call Center Customer Service: Supervisor and Manager Positions

It’s a tough world out there for call center agents, which is why those who have supervisory and managerial positions in the industry should even be tougher. For call center agents who are in the Customer Service department, they have to deal with an onslaught of irate callers, confused customers and persistent people who would rather speak with a supervisor than with a Customer Service representative. This is a common scenario that they are faced with on a daily basis, and you can just imagine the work pressure that they have to deal with. In the same vein, call center customer service supervisors and managers need to handle a team of call center agents handling customer’s complaints and inquiries. Aside from handling supervisory calls, they are also in charge of monitoring each team member’s performance. Here is a more thorough look at the tasks of those who are in the supervisory and managerial positions of customer service accounts.

A call center supervisor or manager is basically in charge of administrative and people-handling tasks. They play a part in hiring employees who possess excellent customer service skills. They are also in charge of training, coaching and motivating employees. As the immediate superior of each Customer Service representative, a call center supervisor or manager also has the authority to issue corrective sanctions, or recommendations for a promotion as deemed necessary. Finally, a call center supervisor or manager ensures that customers who are calling will be satisfied with the level of customer service that they have received in each call. After all, ensuring customer satisfaction is the main goal of each company to see to it that the products and services that they offer will have the approval of consumers.

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