Call Center Operations Managers And Service Quality

Call center outsourcing has experienced a tremendous growth as companies are gearing towards better customer service and support.  And handling the service of call center processes is one of the key roles of a call center operations manager.  It is therefore important that the candidate have excellent call center management experience in order for him to successfully fulfil his duties and responsibilities.

The customer of today is demanding a better quality of service and call center operations managers must be able to face this challenge.  Part of the service that the call center operations manager does is to oversee the overall management of the team and to make sure that the objectives are delivered.  Sales targets, quality control, cost management are just a few of his many responsibilities.

There are targeted levels of service and part of the responsibilities required of a call caner operations manager is to oversee its management and administration.  He will, from time to time, evaluate the performance of his team and will have to administer performance reviews as well as develop a plan on training, staffing and recruitment needs.  As part of the management team, he will be responsible for disciplining and mentoring his staff and supervisors.  He must track the performance level of his team against expected performance by the management and act accordingly.

While experience in handling call centers is an advantage and will be used extensively, his team management and leadership quality skills will be more important.  After all, his team will be in the front line of customer service in the call center operations.

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