Calling all ITIL purists….


According to ITIL®, if we follow the true definition of a Configuration item, then people are considered to be CI’s….. If this is the case then the following must also be true…

The Lifecycle of a staff member:


Service Strategy

The vision – business says they need a new service – ie person.  Now, if we a re nepotistic – then there is already someone in the pipeline ready and waiting – just in case.  If not – then maybe we may need to consider pulling form our current service catalogue. If they are “high profiled”, or very attractive we should then plan for demand management.  Financially, we calculate the TCO of this person, and how we can charge for the service.  So far – nothing too unusual here.


Service Design

Now – In preparing our new person for employment – we need to consider their capacity requirements – how much will this person be needed? To determine that we need to consider the skill level, charm level, BS level and most importantly the ability to tune and tweak where necessary…  Once this has been established – then we need to address future availability requirements – what are the hours this person will work –and how do we guarantee that?  Can their downtime be measured and adjusted?? What impact will facebook have on this?  When employing all “quality” people, thorough security checks are undertaken to ensure the CIA of this person – and a plan developed to manage the security of the information that this person will have and hold over their lifecycle… and a specific plan to “wipe” all information from their memory upon “retirement”.  Now, in the event of a disaster – eg cat breaking down wardrobe crisis – one needs to consider a separate system(person) to assist.  I personally am in favour of hot standbys and would therefore suggest only employing twins, so we can always have a spare in the closet…


So – we have designed this person – they have yet to start, but already have a plan for their how to deal with their laziness, have considered how to wipe their memory upon disposal or retirement, and are prepared for outing their twin  in the event of a disaster.


In my next blog – we shall look at transitioning this new person into the live environment.



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