Calling all SAP’s….


I had dinner with a friend the other night who is a SAP Consultant.  Being the work passionate person that I am, I started to find out if he was ITIL® certified… “IT.. what” was his response.  It was then that it dawned on me (ok bit slow due to the red wine) that he worked in an IT environment for many years, but has no cognitive concept of what ITIL® is. 


When I mentioned terms Change Mgt, CAB, Release Mgt – he gave the indignant – oh that “stuff” response.


This got me thinking – wouldn’t it be an advantage to have at least a Foundation level understanding of ITIL®, especially if you do contract yourself out?  When I posed this question, he could see the benefits (ok – my influencing…selling of) to knowing ITIL®.   After me briefly explaining, while continuing to drink my Church Block, pennies started dropping – the terms, the concepts, the reasoning – and how his job could be made easier just by understanding ITIL®!



He has now committed to a Foundation Program in January…



Any SAP Consultants out there who are, and have seen benefits of, ITIL®  – would love to hear from you – and will gladly put your views onmy blog…



Please feel free to email on


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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