Can Anyone Recommend a Good CISSP Class?

According to the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, they have been able to give formal CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) accreditation to 48,598 applicants for information security professional status in over 120 countries (as of 4/11/2007.) The CISSP accreditation system gained more prestige back in June 2004 when the CISSP itself became the first IT form of accreditation to be granted ANSI ISO/IEC STANDARD 17024:2003 accreditation. So, now that you know that, are you willing to take a CISSP class so you can learn more about CISSP?

To take a CISSP class, usually you do not need any prior form of certification or background training as a mandatory prerequisite. However, the CISSP exam itself can only be undergone by applicants who have actually worked in the area of information systems security for a minimum of three years.

It is advisable to rely on an instructor-led CISSP class, especially if you have zero experience in information systems security. It would be even better if the CISSP class you take gave opportunities to participate in hands-on applications of information systems security problems. There really is nothing like getting your hands dirty doing the nitty-gritty activities to teach you to pay attention and create logical associations in your mind. Hands-on activities work like mnemonic devices  you learn what a part does by remembering what you underwent to get there. Hands-on work is a tactic for forming mind associations.

Some CISSP training centers are open to forming special classes for self-organized groups (meaning it would be just you and your buddies in the class, aside from the instructor.) If there are enough of you, you can even request for the special classes to be held in places aside from the CISSP training center itself  like maybe at a spare conference room at your office, if that is available. Inquire if this costs significantly more though, for practical reasons.

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